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Release Date: April 16, 2024


In Mad Hatter, her first book, Grealis shares her designs and patterns (unpublished until now) to teach readers how to make three simple bases (a balaclava, a pull-on hat, and a handbag) and then how to decorate each by incorporating layers of whimsical appliques. The patterns look complicated, but crochet with ease—the secret is in the embellishments: Patterns for crocheted flowers, bees, stars, clouds, an entire coral reef of fish and sea creatures, and a field of mushrooms, veggies, and exotic greenery, are included, enabling readers to hook wonderful hats and bags with lots of flair (or just a little!).

Grealis’s approach inspires crocheters to innovate and playfully reinvent by using her easy-to-follow instructions as a springboard. Suitable for beginners and adaptable to all skill levels, these fun and fabulous designs open a world of imagination to readers.

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